Ana Bracilovic, MD


I am touched by Dr. Bracilovic’s graciousness, professionalism, her knowledge, patience, her acute sense of my needs as a patient, the time she commits to me during my consultations, how she takes my concerns seriously and the respect I receive from her at each visit as a person. Dr. Bracilovic takes the time to learn about my previous health problems and listens with care to every single concern I have relating to my injuries. Many times I leave her office crying because I cannot believe I was so… well treated and how blessed I am to have Dr. Bracilovic on my side as I struggle with injuries. My most recent visit was two days ago. I was a complete mess with pain upon her examination of me especially in my mid back. I will never forget what she said to me in such a compassionate way ” I do not want you to suffer, you have been through too much”. With that statement, Dr. Bracilovic carefully planned a pain relieving program for me taking into consideration my sensitivities with medications. I was relieved from severe pain that day with no side effects. In June of this year, a person’s head hit my right leg and his torso hit my ankle at my daughter’s college graduation. The head fibula on my right leg was fractured and my right ankle had a contusion and ligament tears. Just to name a few things that went wrong with my leg because of those impacts on it. The pain was breath taking with those injuries. And at the end of August, as I am picking up my pain prescription at the drive through at CVS, a car hit the back of my car throwing me forward because I had removed my seat belt to grab the clipboard from the CVS associate causing new injuries to my neck, back and shoulder-just imagine!. At Dr. Bracilovic’s office, they are very aware that they are dealing with pain patients, the wait is very short. The staff is always courteous, accommodating and patient in person and on the phone. I am very confident that I will heal from these painful injuries with the pain controlled and the right combination of therapy for I am in good hands.


Excellent doctor! I had three Princeton area orthopedic surgeons look at my painful tailbone to no avail, although one gave me three wonderful cortisone injections. Lived with aching hip pain for about twelve years and excruciating tailbone pain for six months or more. These doctors have new high-tech solutions for your spine and joint problems! They gave me injections that gave instant relief to the hip and tailbone. Race to this beautiful office and these nice, very well-educated specialists. Hoping not to need tailbone surgery anymore. Smiled happily when I left the office.

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She listened to my concerns and promptly described potential diagnosis. I made some tests and was she was correct in her diagnosis. I got a call the same day I went for my tests and was received in her office again right away. She called me a week later to find out if I was feeling better!!It was a GREAT experience.

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