About Us

What truly sets the Princeton Spine and Joint Center apart is uncompromising dedication to the individual. With principles of respect, excellence, integrity and professionalism, we work with you to diagnose your problem, ease your pain, and help you resume your active, pain-free life.

What Our Patients Say

Best Pain Doctor

I am 48 years old and have had lots of sports injuries throughout my life. I can safely say that Dr Bracilovic is easily the kindest, most thoughtful, competent, and intelligent doctor I have ever been to. She took care of my neck pain and got it better very quickly where others had failed. I was so impressed that I brought in my parents and my daughter on separate occasions and each time Dr. Bracilovic took her time with us, explained the problem, ordered the appropriate tests, arrived at an accurate diagnosis and solved the problem! I cannot recommend Dr. Bracilovic and her friendly staff strongly enough.


Dr. Cooper demonstrates a sincere interest in your well being. He has compassion and within minutes makes you feel he is genuinely interested in helping you feel better. He is a first rate doctor who I trust implicitly.

You can’t do better

My back pain was getting steadily worse over several months. I won’t say that it was unbearable, but it was getting there. Dr. Cooper diagnosed a bulging disc pressing on a nerve, and gave me an epidural steroid injection. I’ve been essentially pain free for more than four years now.

Best doctor I ever went to. I highly recommend him

Dr. Cooper cured my back and knee pain. I did not think it was possible but here I am without pain and able to play with my children again and I have Dr. Cooper to thank for that. He also gave great recommendation and prescription for physical therapy. His staff and colleagues are also terrific. A+ all around.