Podcast hosted by Grant Cooper, M.D. with special guest Scott Curtis, D.O. on knee meniscus.

“We just finished our second podcast. I was talking with my friend and colleague, Dr. Scott Curtis, about the knee meniscus. We talked about how someone with knee meniscus pain would present, how a person with a meniscus pain gets worked up, what treatments are appropriate, both nonsurgical, and we had a good discussion of surgical as well. The imaging findings that you expect with meniscus and the limitation of some of those imaging findings. Bottom line is that if you have meniscus pain or interested in meniscus pain, then this is going to be a very interesting podcast to listen to or watch if you have the video. If you don’t have meniscus pain and have no interest in meniscus pain, this would be a good one to skip. But if you do, then I hope you will enjoy it.”
~ Grant Cooper, M.D.

Audio and Video – YouTube Link

Audio Only – SoundCloud Link


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